The top Weirdest Casino Stories

07 May

Almost half of the population of people on the planet love to gamble.  There is no limit to what you can be able to gamble.  A lot of the gambling will happen in a casino alone.  The thrill you get when you bet is why most people gamble.  Because there is a possibility of losing money, the thrill is there.  Not all the bets in gambling are normal and okay.  People can also bet on things with crazy odds.  This has led to there being more than enough weird casino stories.  We will take a look at the top weird casino stories.  In here are the top weird casino stories.

 We will start by looking at one of the biggest bet that was ever made in history.  This weird casino story happened at a certain casino in the late ‘90s.  This man had 2 suitcases when he walked into the casino.  There was so much money in one of the two suitcases. While the other one was empty. He bet all the money he had on a roll of dice and won.  After winning he went on a world tour.  In the event he had lost, he would have taken his own life. Make sure to learn more today!

The other top weird story is that of a granny that is considered to be the luckiest one ever.  The bet was that she could roll a dice that will not land on number 7 all the time.  This has a very low probability of ever happening.  She kept rolling the dice continuously for 4 hours and what she bet soon came true.  The world record was broken by her. And won a lot of money. Be sure to learn more today!

Another weird casino story is that of a many the went and got breast implants.  This all started when the man in question gazed upon a beautiful woman.  What happened is that the guy made a bet that when he gets breast he will have a lot of attention just like the woman did.  the next thing that happened is that he went for the breast implants.

 Gamblers curse is the last weird casino story that we will talk more about here.  a lot of gamblers are aware of this curse very well.  The moment that this curse shows up is when a gambler gets lucky and is able to get a lot of money form a bet that he or she made. Then he or she gets into a tragic accident soon after. It has happened to a lot of gamblers who won big.

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